Do You Have Notifications On Your Lock Screen? – WhatsApp Account Hijackings





A simple trick has been uncovered over on that lets anyone ‘hijack’ your WhatsApp account.

The attack is straightforward – the attacker only needs your phone number, once they have that, they sign up to a new WhatsApp account on their phone and enter your number when asked for the account phone number. This sends a text to that phone number… now here’s where it get’s tricky, the attacker needs to be near your device, if they are, they can simply note down the pin as it appears on the lock screen as a notification.

The possibilities for where this style of attack can be implemented are endless; the office, a bar or even at home. There are other apps that rely on this as part of their registration, I don’t think we’ll be surprised to see others exposed via the same attack.

Death From Above – Fly By Drones Hacking Home Devices



“18 minutes” of flying a drone over Austin Texas, kitted out with some hardware made by a team of security researchers  –  has led to the real time mapping of 1,600 home ‘connected-devices’. These devices use a common technology to communicate among themselves within your home. In the land before drones they technically would have been a little safer in their obscurity – but with the rise of cheap drones the risk of attack has become a reality.



$32 Dollar ‘Jammer’ device for breaking into cars to be unveiled at Defcon


It’s been floating around the web for awhile now as a concept, with a few implementations requiring a whacky amount of aerials and obscure technologies know-how, but @ Defcon a hacker has created a cheap ‘$32’ device which he plans to publish during the conference.

The device records the latest key codes exchanged between car keys and a car, as well as garage doors and replays them later at time convenient for a thief.Read more  over @